Saturday, September 29, 2012

FOE #2 1984

Click the cover for a pdf of the complete issue of FOE #2

Reflections of FOE #2:
  • Thank you to Skate (Brent Burke) and Scott Andrews who were main contributors.
  • FOE #2 was the first of the amazing covers by Sue Coyle. From this point forward FOE's covers featured those who had a talent for creating great visuals. I thank Sue and all the artists I got to work with over the years.
  • 7 Seconds interview by Scott.
  • Only issue #2 and already FOE was in touch with various record labels and other scenes. Everyone was desperate to talk to each other back then! Those 22 cent stamps really irked me!
  • Lehigh Valley shows were in full effect. Bodies In Panic, Dead Milkmen, Homo Picnic, Circle of Shit, Pleased Youth, Decry, AOD, Bedlam, and FOD. Youth Brigade cancelled!
  • Decry, Dead Milkmen, Pleased Youth, Russian Meatsquats, Youthful Agression - yup, Johnny Generic was right, this was the first West Catty Playground show, 11/18/84. Next up FOD, YA, Constraint, Russian Meatsquats 12/23/84 and AOD & Bedlam 1/12/85 (I was so nervous about losing money setting up this show).
  • Nearby shows killed:
    • Suicidal Tendencies, Fang, 76% Uncertain, Pleased Youth 9/30/84
    • Husker Du, McRad, Dead Milkmen 10/7/84
    • Government Issue, Dr. Know 10/13/84
  • I loved that Futile Effort cassette tape.
  • Some fantastic reviews in this issue:
    • AOD "Wacky Hijinks of"
    • Articles of Faith "Give Thanks"
    • Various Artists "Flipside Vinyl Fanzine #1"
    • F "You Are an EP"
    • Subterfuge "Who's the Fool"
    • Various Artists "Nuke Your Dink"
    • Dr. Know "Plug In Jesus"
    • BGK "Jonestown Aloha"
    • Black Flag "Slip It In"
    • Rattus "s/t"

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