Friday, March 31, 2017

The Old Firm Casuals "Wartime Rock N Roll"

The Old Firm Casuals
Wartime Rock 'N' Roll
Rebellion Records
Released: March 20, 2017

From the Rose Tattoo-like power rocker "Hell's A Lot Better" to the Electric Frankenstein-like, driving punk, face smash called "Sex Case" to the mid tempo, melodic oi of "1312" that the band is loved for... The Old Firm Casuals always have a blasted good time. Even on the decidedly slower title track, there is a snarl that radiates an empowering attitude. Give it a listen on this youtube version: 

The 12” vinyl version has the music on one side and an etching on the b-side.
700 black
300 gold
20 test presses...

I guess I need to find this on vinyl... my addiction is kicking in!

CD/digital has a bonus rager in "Sanctuary City". The Electric Frankenstein power is undeniable!

Love this band. Love this release. Lars (and his associates) can do no wrong.

Wish I was going to Hawaii!!!!

Frank FOE

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Rebellion Records
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  1. My vinyl and CD arrived from Rebellion today as did my Oxley's and Duffy's Cut LPs from Oi! the Boat. Now to find time to listen to them all.

  2. btw, checkout the ep from a new band named Haymaker