Bloodstains Across The Lehigh Valley
Killed By Death #411 Lehigh Valley

The L.V.A. was dedicated to documenting the forgotten artifacts and undiscovered musical history of the Lehigh Valley PA punk, metal, hardcore and alternative music scenes, in the CDR format! 

Towards the end of 2005, the L.V.A. retired and now you can just listen to the MP3s here!

So download 'em, stream 'em, share 'em and most importantly, enjoy 'em!

Note from 6/29/13:

A friend of mine thanked me the other day for all of the things I've done "for the Lehigh Valley scene". I never really looked at it from that perspective. Quite honestly, my motivation has mostly been my own personal joy. The fact that others receive a benefit "from what I have done" is a side effect. I do love sharing my love of music. Glad he and others enjoy that therapeutic value as well. A perfect example is the Lehigh Valley Archives. I had boxes of Lehigh Valley cassette demos from years gone by. I wanted them digitally. I converted them. Then so many others wanted them, I made cdr copies of them. Even enlisted the bands to assist in making artwork or at least giving the OK to help get the music back out there. So head on over to this page and download/share/listen/reap the benefits of my passion!

LVA 001 Mr. Yuk "5 More Inches of Blinky" 
LVA 002 - Forthright "Shadow" 
Forthright 1987

LVA 003 - Jessica "Bad Seed" 
Jessica in the early 1990s

LVA 004 Russian Meatsquats "Live at State College" 
LVA 005 - No Win Situation "Demo 19AD8 and Live" 
Live @ Wallys Place 10/28/1988
LVA 006 - Robosphere (title has been deleted)

LVA 007 - Strained Existence "If I Wanna I Will, But If I Don't I'm Not Gonna" 
LVA 008 - Wilsons Wackos "Life Is Good"
LVA 009 - Walter Krug "demo" 
LVA 010      Weston "Live at the Get the Hell Out Benefit" 
LVA 011 - Plow (united) "Warped Sense of Humor" 1993 demo

LVA 012 - Youthquake "It's Up To Us" 
LVA 013 - Weston "Live at the Freightyard" 
LVA 014 - Mr. Yuk "Live at Wally 9/30/88" 
LVA 015 - FC "Ain't Dead Yet"
LVA 016 - Robosphere demo plus rehearsals 
LVA 017 - Weston "Mammyhouse Revisited" - the first demo, includes songs from the first 7"
LVA 018  - Forthright "Live at Wallys 9/30/88" 
LVA 019      Ultimate Warriors "Power Violence Mayhem" 
Dingo Warriors Demo
DEMO 1997
Live at WLVR
LVA 020 - The Ick "The 1994 demos" 
April 10, 1994
December 4, 1994
LVA 021 - Turnbul AC "Demo and Alternate version of Chumpire #15" 
LVA 022 - Objects of Hate "s/t" 
LVA 023 - Fat Head "Demosaurus/D2: Break Through the Mirror"
"D2: Break Through the Mirror"
From the unreleased No Problem 7"
LVA 024 - Swinesallys "s/t" 
LVA 025 - Sledgehammer "Disconnect" 
LVA 026 - Strychnine and the Rat Traps "Snapped" 
Strychnine and the Rat Trap - Pete

LVA 027 - Last Cry "s/t"
LVA 028 - Spunk Tank
LVA 029 - Wackers
LVA 030 - Strychnine and the Rat Traps "with J. Yuk on vocals" 
LVA 031 - Mugface "s/t" demo and practice session

LVA 032 - Crack Babies "Bavarian Creme" Misc. studio recordings
LVA 033 - Crack Babies "Control Bob" 
LVA 034 - Various Artists "FOE 7"s Volume 1" Compiles first 9 FOE 7"s on one CD! Weston, Strychnine and the Rat Traps, Anonymous, Mr. Yuk, The Ick, Follow Fashion Monkeys, Soup Sandwich, Walter Krug

LVA 035 - Various Artists "Abysmal Popcorn Compilation #1" - The Jesus Brothers (weston side project), Fathead, The Verge, Irys, Walter Krug, Grieving Ecualyptus, Muzzy
LVA 036 - The Clap "Live at WMUH 1983" 
LVA 037 - Rancor "I Won't Take Part" demo
LVA 038 - Grieving Eucalyptus "2 Demos Before Just Plain Rock N Roll" 
LVA 039 - YouthQuake "Vintage 86-Core" both demos, live set, plus 2 unreleased recordings.
LVA 040 - Nooner "The Concept Factor" aka "The All For Nothing Sessions" 
ZIP of entire CD
  • Unchained
  • 30 Second Minutes
  • Turn and Run
  • Captive
  • Falling Down
  • Eyes of the Gun
  • Unseen
  • Venus in the Making
  • Now Until
  • Stuck in the Middle
  • Jumpin Line
  • Last Perfect Thing
  • Venus In the Making (alt version)
  • 30 Second Minutes (alt version)
  • Turn and Run (alt version)
  • Captive (alt version)
  • Falling Down (alt version)
LVA 041 - FC "It Don't Get No Louder" 
LVA 042 - The Clap "Live at the Catty Carnival 6/21/1981" 
LVA 043 - Tonight We Escape "Demo Album" 
LVA 044 - Tonight We Escape "Live at WFMU"
LVA 045 - Nooner "Live at WFMU" - live October 14, 1999

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