Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Special Duties "77 One More Time" Jailhouse Records

"77 One More Time"
Jailhouse Records
Released: August 12, 2014

If you like street punk, UK82, oi or dirty US punk rock, I would imagine you already have at least one of the following versions of this Special Duties record:

"77 in 82" LP on Rondelet
"77 in 82" LP on Captain OI
"Distorted Truth" on Get Back

Whether you were around in the early 80s, or got into punk in the 90s, 00s, or 10s, Special Duties has been one of those bands that was mandatory, once you dug in beyond one of those introductory punk bands. This is real deal material. 

Rondelet released the first album in 1982, then Captain Oi and Get Back (also included 7" tracks on the LP) did their reissues in 1997. So it looks like every fifteen years or so, it is time to reintroduce Special Duties to the punk masses. Thank you Jailhouse Records. And I understand from Special Duties fb page that the records are moving fast, "First lot of vinyl is pretty much sold out, so re-press is out again in October...". 

So, if you don't own this on LP yet, please, please do not wait another 15 years for someone else to release this album. Get one of the October pressings!

As for the "remastered" and "restored" don't worry, you can't pretty this up. This is as raw as the day it was recorded. But I will tell you, whatever "restored" and "remastered" means, this sounds fantastic and fits right in with so many of the bands playing this style today. I have the Captain Oi and Get Back records for comparison and this new version rips. I was around in 1982, but even then, it was difficult to score this record, as evidenced by my reliance on a Maxell tape version until 1997.

Classic, mandatory street punk. So many great songs. Blunt, simple, to the point and legendary. I love this record. It makes the blood flow faster, makes the brain electricity rev and activates the crazy, unhinged feelings. Inspiring, pounding and energetic. 


You go town on a Saturday night 
You just ain't happy till you've been in a fight 
You have too many, get out of your head 
You don't know why but you wanna see red 

Who you looking at that's my bird 
How many times has that been heard 
Excuse for trouble, excuse for a fight 
Happens all the time, every night

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Frank FOE

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  1. "Too Much Talking" has made its way onto plenty of compilation cassettes, CDs, and internet MP3 mixes that I have made over the last 30 years.