Monday, September 1, 2014

Phobia "Grindcore" EP Deep Six

Deep Six Records
Released: September 9, 2014

To be a grindcore band and name your EP "grindcore" is a very bold step.

Then again, no one would have had a problem had Negative Approach called their debut EP "Hardcore". I seriously doubt anyone is going to have a problem with Phobia naming this EP "Grindcore", 24 years or so into their career.

For giggles, I went to to see what they thought about "grindcore":

a subgenre of heavy metal music that is very fast and harsh, often with combative riffing, thrashing drums, and detonation blasts; also written grind core

For me, Phobia's "Grindcore" EP is mission accomplished. Cram as many blurred guitar riffs into as short a time period as possible and just explode. I have always loved the genre, as the best of the style is played so fast it sometimes slows down time. So fast it sounds like the beats per minute is that of doom sludge rather than as fast as you can say 1-2-3-4. That is how I perceive it, how my brain processes it. I don't expect anyone else to understand. The best bands do this for me. "Grindcore" does this for me. Hardcore + metal + punk + blender at highest speed. 

Phobia, "Grindcore' and grindcore in general, makes my legs twitch in a spastic blur and the head automatically bangs. Cause / effect. 

Simply stated, everything about these 8 songs rips. Ten minutes of bliss. 

I also think these are some of the best tracks the band has ever put together. 

Frank FOE

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