Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lilac Daze "Sedated" EP on Black Numbers

Lilac Daze
"Sedated" EP
Black Numbers Records
Released: July 8, 2014

The Lilac Daze bio reads: Lilac Daze is an indie punk band from Frederick, Maryland. Formed in December 2012 out of a mutual love for bands like the Pixies, Weezer, and Superchunk, Lilac Daze consists of three best friends who spend most of their time in a moldy practice space writing music and drinking good beer.

Saying you love Superchunk, Pixies and Weezer is easy. I love Superchunk, Pixies and Weezer. I can't make any music that sounds anything remotely as good or even remotely similar sounding. 

The six songs on "Sedated" blow by in 13 minutes and remind me of vintage Superchunk; full of driving, rhythmic, blistering pop punk that makes you want to keep turning it up louder and having a great time.

I have seen Superchunk live about a dozen times in my life. They always took me on a aural, life affirming journey. I would love to see Lilac Daze. If "Sedated" is any indication, I am sure this three piece can wreck a hall/club/basement, leaving everyone a sweaty, smiling mess, just like Superchunk. 

Loving the energy, the realness, the honesty, the all out rockin', the joy of the whole EP and the freakin' blistering "Life Scout". 

I'm in love with this EP.

Give "Sedated" a listen at Lilac Daze's bandcamp page:

Frank FOE

Black Numbers Web:

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