Saturday, September 6, 2014

Antagonizers ATL and Drink & Destroy Crew split 7" Rebel Sound

Rebel Sound Music
Release Date: September 19, 2014

A few things that tend to hold back Oi releases are sloppy musicianship, lack of energy or the opposite extreme - overproduction. Antagonizers ATL and Drink & Destroy Crew have no worries. This is tight, fierce, energetic oi. No nonsense, full of piss and vinegar street punk that is tough sounding and is the kind of music that riles the blood. In other words, they live up to their band names and the lyrics add the exclamation point.

Check out this video for DDC's "Victory" track.

Check out this video for Antagonizers ATL "The Crew F.U." (explicit).

It really isn't necessary to mention as a selling point that the roots of Antagonizers ATL wander through the likes of Anti-Heros, Condemned 84 or The Glory, as these tracks stand strong on their own merit without any added hype.

Top notch 2014 Oi!. Limited pressing of 200 Black vinyl, 200 Red with Black Splatter or 200 Half n Half Red and Black. That is why I am publishing this review thirteen days before the release date on Rebel Sound. You need to get in on this great record before it disappears.

Frank FOE

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