Saturday, August 23, 2014

Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" LP Oi The Boat

"This Means War"
Oi The Boat Records
Released: July 29. 2014

Just letting you know that this is out. Seriously. I was cruising online and when I saw it listed, I ordered it. If you know Lars Frederiksen (& the Bastards, Rancid) you are doing the same thing right now or already have "This Means War".

"This Means War" LP is magic. 

The desolate "Eternal City" is perfection. Just a great song that musically captures the bleak and dismal emptiness that the lyrics relate.

"...It's the end of the golden road
It's the end of all prosperity
It's the end of an empire the fall of Rome
Too late for justice It's dead and gone
Stuck in the gutters where we belong..."

The fury of the track "This Means War" is up front and blunt. As is "Off With Their Heads", "The Dear Leader", "Election Day" and "Wolves of War".

The pure joy of dropping the "Needle on the Record" with a tasty beverage.

"Put the needle on the record and a drink in my hand
If you've never had the feeling then you'll never understand
When the needle hits the groove of your favorite song
Nothing else matters when you're singing along..."

"Victory" is majestic, epic punk.

This is one of those timeless punk records. Put it alongside all the other classics. Pissed at the state of the world, ready to fight, loving the things they love. The spirit is evident and alive. 

Check out this youtube video of "Perry Boys"

Very glad Lars teamed up with Paul Rivas (drums/vocals) and Casey Watson (bass/vocals) for the Old Firm Casuals. 

US version of the LP (Oi The Boat) is the wolf, German version (Randale Records) is the snake.

Frank FOE

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  1. You nailed it with "This Means War" and "Needle on the Record". When I hear This Means War on my car stereo my foot hits the gas pedal. I have to listen to it 2-3 times in a row it is such a great song.