Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dismemberment "Embrace the Dark" HPGD CD

"Embrace the Dark"
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Released: April 29, 2014

Going to keep this real simple. 

I love vintage thrash metal bands like Kreator, Destruction and Carcass. 

I would suppose that the members of Dismemberment (although much younger than I) also love these bands. 

I suggest you check out Dismemberment's "Embrace the Dark" as they are greatly influenced by the likes of Kreator, Destruction and Carcass, and successfully channel these roots into something exciting.

Give a listen to their track "Archaic Wisdom" at this youtube link:

Dismemberment are a four piece from Ohio who execute the 80s thrash metal style with perfection. When I first heard Destruction in the mid 80s my mind was blown wide open. The nine tracks on Dismemberment's "Embrace the Dark" take me back there with a big smile on my face.

Frank FOE

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