Saturday, August 16, 2014

Angelic Upstarts / The Prowlers

Split 7"
Aggro Beat (Netherlands) / Insurgence (Canada)
Released: June 30, 2014

Every punk knows the Angelic Upstarts. The band began in 1977 in England. I respectfully (and with great joy) drop the needle on a regular basis on the 13 Angelic Upstarts albums that are in my collection. This latest 7" split with The Prowlers was issued in celebration of their first Canadian tour dates in over thirty years (since 1982). The Prowlers are from Montreal Canada.

The Angelic Upstarts song "King of the Rats" is an alternate version, which got me wondering, "why is this news to me that I don't know the regular version"? It certainly isn't on any of the 13 albums I possess. Turns out I missed a split release of the then new material in 2011. I suppose I need to locate this split LP with Crashed Out (on I Hate People Records) in a hurry!

"King of the Rats" wholly serves as evidence why the Angelic Upstarts have survived in the hearts of many punk fans for so many decades. The attitude is always evident, the musical execution is so perfect it has inspired bands to head back to the garage to work on their chops and the songs simply rip.

The Prowlers began in 1999, over 20 years after the Angelic Upstarts. But The Prowlers get it. Check out their video of the song from this 7" "Voisin De La Terreur" which features guest vocals from Martin from Impact.

"Voisin De La Terreur"

Ils vivent leur vie comme on vit la notre
Dans une rue, dans quartier
Ou les pires massacres ont pu être vues
Comme si c'étais pas assez pour eux
Ils choisissent la meilleur place, celle la plus près
Pour être sur de vivre a fonds cette misérable expérience

Voisin de la terreur
Comment peuvent-ils dormir
Comment peuvent --ils vivre

Élevé sur les ruines d'un camp de la mort
Sans même chercher a s'en éloigner
Une ville construite au dessus des corps
Excécutés, gazés, massacrés
Sans aucun respects pour leurs mémoires
Ils vivent leur vie comme si de rien n'était
Un mémorial pour leur seul gloire
Déculpabilise ces enculées

Sachsenhausen tu es le cauchemard, le reflet de la bêtise humaine

They live their lives like we live ours
on their streets, in their town
where the worst massacres have ever happened
As if that was not enough for them
They chose the best place, the closest place
To be sure to live in the depths of this miserable experience

Neighbor of terror
How can they sleep?
How can they live?

Raised on the ruins of a death camp
without even trying to get away
A town built over the dead
Executed, gassed, massacred
Without any respect for their memories
They live their lives like nothing happened
A memorial for their only glory
condones these motherfuckers

Sachsenhausen You are the nightmare
The worst reflection of human stupidity
This is a great record. Only 150 copies are available on black/white vinyl with gold splatter, with the rest of the copies on black vinyl.

Frank FOE

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  1. The Upstarts delivered the good when I saw them at Punk Rock Bowling this year. Highlight of the weekend for me!