Saturday, October 15, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Gatecreeper "Sonoran Depravation"

OCTOBER 15, 2016


"Sonoran Depravation"
Relapse Records
Released: October 7, 2016

It took me just seconds to fall in love with this record.

I listened to about ten seconds of this digitally and proceeded to log on to Relapse Records webstore and order the bronze / red merge, with blue and green splatter vinyl edition. I was sold in ten seconds.


First Press

1300 x Black Standard Gram

400 x Bronze / Red Merge with Blue and Green Splatter * Exclusive*

200 x Gold Standard Gram *Closed Casket Activities Exclusive* (not available through

100 x Clear (do not request clear)

Gatecreeper are from Arizona and love the same brand of death metal I love.

Bolt Thrower, Entombed and Dismember seem to be the most obvious influences. Cannibal Corpse, Death and Obituary are also invited to the party that is Gatecreeper.

Check this sick video for the track "Desperation":

GATECREEPER is on the road with a tremendous lineup that also includes Skeletonwitch, Iron Reagan and Oathbreaker:

Plain and simple, I love this brand of death metal. 

I love that Dismember, Entombed guitar sound. 

I love that hoarse bellowing vocal. 

gerund or present participle: bellowing
  1. (of a person or animal) emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger.
    "he bellowed in agony"
    • shout something with a deep loud roar.
      "the watchers were bellowing encouragement"
    • sing (a song) loudly and tunelessly.
      "he got thrown out of bars for bellowing Portuguese folk songs"

I LOVE when Gatecreeper kick into a groove, it makes me want to join the circle pit no matter what I am doing... Hell, I wanted to jump out of my car at a stop light the other day and start a circle pit around my car. 

  1. relating to, denoting, or characteristic of a biogeographical region including desert areas of the southwestern US and central Mexico.

See you in the pit!

Frank FOE

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