Saturday, May 10, 2014

Anti Ritual EP

"Anti Ritual"
Released: April 28, 2014

Anti Ritual are from Denmark. These six songs of hardcore doom are in the same vein of punishment as one of my current favorite bands, NAILS. A bit more dirty and leaning more to the doom side than NAILS, this hardcore / metal hybrid from Copenhagen rarely releases the throttle and when it does, the feedback continues.

The track "A New Discourse on Enlightenment" is the longest song, taking up nearly 5 minutes of the 17 minutes of this release (total of six tracks for those of you looking to do the math). Providing more than a change of direction from the relentless assault, "A New Discourse on Enlightenment" ups the doom quotient with beautifully catastrophic results. It is a dark, epic musical journey in under 5 minutes.

500 pressed ( 350 black vinyl ; 150 white vinyl )

Looking forward to plenty more from Anti Ritual.

Frank FOE

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