Saturday, May 24, 2014

Manbeast "Sore"

7" / download
Discontent / Vwyrd Wurd
Released: May 9, 2014

Head on over to Manbeast's bandcamp page and you will see the description:

tags: punk crust hardcore powerviolence Allentown

Head on over to Manbeast's fb page and you will see the description:

About: Friends playing hardcore.

Fourteen songs span this 7" in twelve minutes, with the title track "Sore" hogging up two minutes and ten seconds. Having the pleasure of being fully immersed in the international hardcore scene in the early 1980s, these are the kind of statistics that make me smile. 

While Manbeast's roots begin in the early 1980s hardcore scene (both US and international influences), their sound covers the following decades as well. The tags are correct, there are elements of crust and powerviolence in their furcht filled songs. I was going to say angst filled songs, but changed my mind to furcht.

In German, the technical terminology of psychology and philosophy distinguishes between Angst and Furcht in that Furcht is a negative anticipation regarding a concrete threat, while Angst is a non-directional and unmotivated emotion. 

With song titles like "You Can Only Handle So Much", "Hate","Life's Repetition", "Hermit Lifestyle", "Bully II", "Look Back and Feel Bad For Myself", "Harsh Realizations", "You Can't Manipulate Me" and "Daily Physical and Mental Abuse" it is blatantly obvious Manbeast have championed their craft.

Jamie Heim takes great pix. Find more Manbeast photos by Jamie at this link:

Manbeast @ Mothers 1-11-13      Manbeast @ The Burners 6-7-13

Luis - drums
Tyler - vocals
Eric - guitar/vocals

I hope to pick up a physical copy of this 7" May 31, 2014 when Manbeast opens for Urban Waste at Ratmilk in Kutztown PA. 

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