Monday, November 14, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Blair Witch Soundtrack

NOVEMBER 14, 2016

"Blair Witch" Soundtrack
Death Waltz Recording Co. & Lakeshore Records 
Released: September 16, 2016

The movie Blair Witch Project was released in 1999 and blew my mind.

Completely scared the hell out of me. The movie fascinated and intrigued me. I'm currently also loving American Horror Story Roanoke and this season of AHS pays tribute to The Blair Witch Project.

I have yet to see the Blair Witch 2016 movie (Blu-ray available  January 3, 2017).

It is on my must see list. The trailer (see below) gave me chills.

So yes, being a musical (vinyl) nut first, movie person second, I of course bought the soundtrack on vinyl before seeing the movie. It is a "limited one time pressing of 1,000 units. Pressed on 180 Gram Black As Night Vinyl". Gatefold sleeve. I love soundtracks on vinyl.
The ambient music succeeds independently from the movie.

  1. 1.
    a style of instrumental music with electronic textures and no persistent beat, used to create or enhance a mood or atmosphere.

The mood here is "Scary as all hell".

Doubt me? Give it a listen to on Spotify, with the headphones on, lights out, when you are alone in the house at 3:00 AM. Or seriously, just listen to it with the lights on, kids in the other room, in the middle of the day.

Next Halloween, play this loudly at your house rather than that silly chain clanging, door creaking "horror soundtrack". This will keep the trick or treat youngsters away.  

I played this entire soundtrack while reading Chapter 3 "Destiny" from the book "Drinking: A Love Story". The chapter, as horrific as it would be on its own, was far more horrific with this playing from my turntable. 

Seriously. Turn the lights out, put the headphones on and drop a needle on this vinyl soundtrack. Just go with it.

Thanks to the fine folks at Mondo Tees for bringing this to life.

Frank FOE

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