Monday, February 15, 2021

Ship Thieves "He Lost His Head" from "Irruption"

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"He Lost His Head" advance track from "Irruption" LP
Chunksaah Records
Released: March 12, 2021

These pre-order vinyl versions are already sold out. I see this more and more. If you want the vinyl, you either have to keep hoping they will press future variants or continually follow your favorite labels. I missed out. D'oh.

If you don't know Ship Thieves, check out their 2016 release, "No Anchor" on No Idea Records. A great record. Give it a listen here: 

Ship Thieves is instantly familiar with Chris Wollard's (Hot Water Music) distinctly dusty, dry and borderline hoarse vocal style. So far the band has given the world a sneak preview of what the new LP "Irruption" has in store with the track "He Lost His Head". Listen here:

I will be anxiously awaiting a future vinyl variant (fingers crossed) and March 12, when "Irruption" is released!



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