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Nails "Abandon All Life" Southern Lord LP/CD

"Abandon All Life'
Southern Lord
Release Date: March 19, 2013

First, this is not the Nails from Boulder Colorado who had the new wave "hit" song "88 Lines About 44 Women", who also had Jello Biafra as their roadie when they were known as the punk rock band The Ravers (later changing their name to The Nails).

But for reference, here is the video for The Nails "88 Lines About 44 Women" (a record I love and suggest you obtain):

  Note: includes "s" and "f" bombs

For further lunacy, check out this video for Luke Ski's Dr. Demento classic "88 Lines about 44 Simpsons":

But I digress...

No, this Nails is from California and has released a colossal monster of an album in "Abandon All Life". There have been tons of game changing albums for me over the years. D.R.I.'s first LP. Agnostic Front's "Victim In Pain". Cro Mags "Age of Quarrel". C.O.C.'s "Animosity". Siege's "Drop Dead".  Some band's work in general like Negative Approach, Accused, Assuck, Spazz, Man Is the Bastard, EyeHateGod and Slayer are/were all game changers (to name a few).

The brutally violent sounding expulsion that is "Abandon All Life", with its ridiculous speed, corrosive sounding guitars, feedback and revolutionary thick production, combines for a cathartic experience that is a game changer in 2013.

So much of this style of music, part hardcore, part metal is far too much just noise and heaviness for heaviness sake, resulting in a din (by definition: a jumble of loud, usually discordant sounds). But the Nails have managed to make the grinding, pummeling noise emotional (aggressively emotional), without bringing in any elements of anything you might consider a melody or harmony.

The true goal of music-its proper enterprise-is melody. All the parts of harmony have as their ultimate purpose only beautiful melody. Therefore the question of which is the more significant, melody or harmony, is futile. Beyond doubt, the means is subordinate to the end.
—Johann Philipp Kirnberger (1771)

Slayer has melodies. Slayer could be played by an orchestra. No freaking orchestra is taking on Nails. For reference, Slayer is my all time favorite band. Slayer is my Beatles.

Nails is awesome. "Abandon All Life" isn't Nails first release and hopefully won't be their last.

I present to you a sampling of Nails lyrics:

"In Exodus"
Rejected from the start
Unleash the hatred within our hearts
There's no excuse
Return the abuse
Enforce your disgust
Burn in exodus
Never have done it their way
Resolve your vengeance make them pay
Wallow with us
In exodus

Lesser men want control
They'll never have what I hold
The power in my head and hands
Destroy all who oppose
I want to make you suffer
Hated because I don't belong
I live to prove you wrong
There is nothing you can do
I'll take what the f*&# I want
I will make you suffer

"Absolute Control"
Force fed lies
Subhuman filth
You don't know
What you believe in
Your mental devastation
A violent confrontation
Shut you down
Keep you down

"Abandon All Life"
Dead since the day of birth
Oppression by desire
The past is a scar
A reminder of my failures 
Reject the lies
Live by your spite
What you feel is right
Abandon all life
Trapped in a world rejected
Darkness consumes all light
Wield the f*$^ing blade
Pierce with f&%#ing hate
Utter contempt for their weak ignorance
Reject their selfish self serving judgement
Your will is beyond what those cowards possess
Embrace your vision with no neglect
Drop out of the race
Burn through life as a knife to their faith

You get the idea...


Frank FOE

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