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Bl'ast "Blood!" Southern Lord

Southern Lord
Release Date: September 3, 2013

I was lucky enough to be receiving promos from SST records back in 1987. Lucky enough to receive the "It's In My Blood!" LP. Lucky enough to still have the physical press kit tucked inside the record sleeve. Lucky enough to have been blown away by this record 26 years ago. 

Bl'ast "It's In My Blood!" cover

"Blood!" is a different recording of all the songs from "It's In My Blood!", minus the song "Look Into Myself", which is replaced here by "Your Eyes", which is still an old song from the "School's Out" EP.

Bl'ast "School's Out" cover

The "Blood!" recordings were from a rare lineup in the band’s lineage, being the only recordings ever made while short-lived second guitarist William Duvall, who was in Neon Christ, and is currently the vocalist for Alice In Chains was in Bl'ast!

Neon Christ 7" cover

I was lucky enough to mail order the above Neon Christ 7" back "in the day".

Bl'ast "Blood!" cover

Dave Grohl is one of my favorite people in mainstream music, not just because he was in Scream or Nirvana or Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age, or that he is super talented and creative (at the same time), but because he is a music fan. 


Grohl remastered and mixed these tracks. I am sure he approached the project with the energy and enthusiasm of an overstimulated, sugar injected child! 

Dave Grohl

Supposedly Grohl's response to being approached to be involved in this project was, “F&*# YEAH! LET’S DO THIS!”


I have always felt that Bl'ast sounded like a cross between "Animosity" era C.O.C. and Black Flag, a perfect mix for me in 1987 and still is in 2013. "Blood!" is as powerful today as "It's In My Blood!" was in 1987. 

Bl'ast "The Power of Expression" cover

Maybe the other Bl'ast titles will receive some interest through this release. I sure wish they would all be reissued on vinyl. Maybe a gatefold double LP reissue should be in order for 2014. Please?!?

Bl'ast "Take the Manic Ride" cover

If you don't know Bl'ast, consider the release of this as a blessing. Start your collection right here

Me, I'm as happy as Dave Grohl that Southern Lord snatched up this project!

Scan of the press photo from "It's In My Blood!" stashed away in my vinyl copy of "It's In My Blood".


Frank FOE

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