Friday, January 5, 2018

DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew) Unite & Conquer

DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew)
"Unite & Conquer" 
Rebellion Records 
Released: December 15, 2017

The origins of FOE include creating a hardcore punk zine using the technology of the day, a typewriter and a copier machine, to spread the word about the music I love. Being able to instantaneously share the music I am reviewing makes things unbelievably easy today. There also is an inherent no bullsh*t clause, as the reader can become a listener and fact check my words with their own ears. If what I say isn't on point, my integrity as a reviewer is on the line. Which is why I always provide youtube, bandcamp or other sources. I believe what I write. I ain't bullsh*ttin'. And if you know me, as I typed that sentence, you also know that 2 Live Crew immediately went through my mind... and so I had to divert myself for 4:28 to listen to that rap classic, "I Ain't Bullshittin". 

Alright, so back on track. Do me a favor. If you ever liked punk (by any of the definitions of "punk") please click and listen to, "Revolution", from Drink & Destroy Crew's album "Unite and Conquer":

Bold, powerful, catchy, fierce with great hooks. 

Hailing from Atlanta, the first thing I think about is the band Anti-Heroes. What that means to me is that the Anti-Heroes automatically are the standard of measurement for any punk, hardcore, street or oi band that has its origins from the Atlanta Georgia area. If you haven't guessed, I love Anti-Heroes.

DDC can proudly stand right alongside the Anti-Heroes and are creating quite a standard of measurement of their own. I have loved all the DDC discography that I have managed to get my hands on.

Drink & Destroy Crew are a melting pot of many of my favorite punk and oi bands. The ten tracks on "Unite and Conquer" are riotous rockers. Blend in the drunken fist to the face straight forward Headache Records sound, a pinch of Dropkick Murphys hook-ability, a lot of street anthem unification style and you have Drink & Destroy Crew's monster of an album "Unite & Conquer".

Guest vocalist Ryan Cadaver was a nice treat on the track "We The People". I didn't know who Ryan was before hearing his guest appearance here (vocalist for Casket Creatures - a horror punk band that I have now been introduced to, check this video ), but what a wise decision it was to bring his strong and distinctive voice in to the mix. One of the best tracks. 

A1 Call To Arms
A2 Comply Or Die
A3 Feast For Vultures
A4 (We Are) United
A5 Stand & Fight
B1 Spirit Of ‘76
B2 Revolution
B3 Days Of Glory – Warriors (Razorblade)
B4 We The People (featuring Ryan Cadaver)
B5 (We Are) United (FC Version)

The vinyl pressing information is as follows:

200 x black vinyl
200 x red vinyl
100 x gold vinyl
12 x test press

I provide the vinyl information for you as you know my highest compliment for an album is if I would recommend acquiring the vinyl, rather than just a download or CD. So yeah, I think that if you dig what I am saying, dig the track "Revolution", you will want to get the vinyl.

Frank FOE

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