Sunday, March 28, 2021


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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Released: April 23, 2021

I love grindcore with alternating guttural growl and squealing howl.

This release combines the band's two eps. The first EP, the first eight tracks, were released in February of 2018. The new ep, the last eight tracks were released in February 2021 through Monnier's bandcamp page. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions combined the two EPs here on CD as one magnificent purifying purge. 

There are a few copies on vinyl out there in the world, but nothing I could find in the US. Halenoise Records and Loner Cult Records, both in Belgium, have them available for those feeling the need to order overseas.

While I know that there is a tremendous amount of grindcore out there, Monnier just does it for me. I love every second of this release. Which means this receives my "Need on the preferred format, vinyl" support. 

Happy grinding!


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