Sunday, January 29, 2012

Amoebas, Neighborhood Brats, Sharp Objects LP Reviews on Modern Action Records

I have recently picked up three outstanding records on Sonoma California's Modern Action Records, thanks to recommendations from Cobrakale at My Wife Says I'm An Angry Person blog.

Grand Rapids Michigan strikes again! 8 songs, 17 minutes, ripping punk that slams together the sounds of N.O.T.A., Zero Boys, Briefs and early Vibrators. If you have ever loved the energy of punk, the straight forward approach to power pop and/or early 80s US HC punk, the type with understandable vocals, then there is no reason you should not seek out this record. Seventeen minutes of compelling reasons why punk rock should still exist in 2012. This was recorded in 2010 along with the aid of Gimme Gimme Records. The Amoebas need to release some more records!


Neighborhood Brats "Neighborhood Brats" 12"
Modern Action Records
This is a five song, one sided 12 inch, clocking in at just around 9 minutes. Just enough to make you anticipate the next step. We will require more recordings. It would be a crime for this to end without the realization of a full discography. So the Neighborhood Brats need to get to it. It has been started. This is instantly timeless California punk. You could have dropped the needle on this record in the late 70s or early 80s or in 2012 and the result would be the same. This kills. Female vocals, furious energy, leather jacket clad, snotty punk rock. I want more!!!

 Neighborhood Brats
Neighborhood Brats

Billed as two guys from the Bodies, one from the Briefs and a guy from Puerto Rico, the Sharp Objects fuse early Posh Boy California sounds like Agent Orange and Red Cross and work just as well as the Cute Lepers as a post Briefs band. Every song is a ripper, reminding me of the first time I heard the Briefs! If you are looking for a surefire way to improve your day, I suggest dropping the needle on this piece of vinyl (comes with a download code)! This could have been the next Briefs album, an instant classic.

Sharp Objects

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  1. Great stuff, Frank!

    You can find the Neighborhood Brats 7" on Abcsess Records here..
    Also, Check out the Quaaludes which are two members of Grand Rapids' AMOEBAS playing stripped down punk, 5 songs (including one Stones cover) in 8 minutes, all played over the same looped drum beat.