Monday, February 20, 2012

Up To No Good Radio February 12, 2012


First portion of 2/12/12 Playlist (click to listen or download)
Rancid "Up To No Good"
JJ Speedball "Emo Intro"
Nostalgia Crisis "Distortion"
Mad Parade "God Bless America"
Eater "Jeepster"
Pagans "Not Now, No Way"
Jeff Dahl "White Light, White Heat"
Drones "Lookalikes"
Pegboy "Revolver"
Sid Vicious "C'mon Everybody"
Damn Dirty Apes "Who Cares?"
The English Beat "Click Click"

The English Beat "Mirror In The Bathroom"
Screeching Weasel "Dingbat"
Powertrip "Lab Animal"
Psychedelic Furs "Dumbwaiters"
Transplant "One Seventeen"
Negative Trend "Black and Red"
AOD "I'd Rather Be Asleep"
The English Beat "Hands Off She's Mine"
Descendents "Suburban Home"
JFA "Danny Sargeant Trucks"
Replacements "I Bought a Headache"
Black Flag "White Minority"
Social Distortion "Don't Take Me For Granted"
Ultra Kings "Dirty Little Girl"
FOD "Slice of South of Heaven"
GG Allin "Living Like An Animal"

Not recorded
Devo "Mongoloid"

Second Portion of 2/12/12 Playlist (click to listen or download)
Generation X "Ready Steady Go"
Wreckless Eric "Whole Wide World"
MIA "Murder in a Foreign Place"
Screeching Weasel "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" (Ramones)
Cock Sparrer "Working"
Sham 69 "Angels with Dirty Faces"
Maddog Surrender "Sober Living"
Screaming Bloody Marys "Johnny Be Dead"


Devo "Big Mess"
Angry Samoans "Coffin Case"
The Members "Solitary Confinement"

The following were not recorded....
Gang Green "Have Fun"
Blitz "Wise Up"
Government Issue "The Next Time"
Descendents "She Don't Care"
Joneses "Graveyard Rock"
Adverts "Gary Gilmore Eyes"
Die Hunns "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love"
Pagans "Cleveland Confidential"
Dead Milkmen "Bitchin Camaro"
Aggression "Salty Leather"
Dickies "Poodle Party"
Distillers "Love is Paranoid"
Blitz "Someone's Gonna Die"
Wanderers "Ready To Snap"
X "Motel Room in My Bed"
Outcasts "Another Teenage Rebel"

The recording picks up again:
MDC "Beat Somebody Up"

FOD "Home Lobotomy Kit"
Cheetah Chrome "Poison Lady"
Naked Raygun "Gear"
Hairy Phlegmball "Cheap Beer"

Thanks for listening!

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