Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Up To No Good Radio February 26, 2012 Playlist

Darby Crash (The Germs)

MR. GENERIC'S PLAYLIST (click to listen or download)
Rancid "Up To No Good"
Vitamin L "California Uber Alles" (Dead Kennedys)
D.I. "Lexicon Devil" (Germs)
D.I. "Shake A Leg" (AC/DC)
Apartment 3G "Land of Treason" (Germs)
Apartment 3G "Golden Boys" (Germs)
Lurkers "Pills" (New York Dolls)
Zero Boys "What We Do Is Secret" (Germs)
Jihad Trio "New York State Police" (UK Subs)
Slime "We Must Bleed" (Germs)
Lemmy "Thirsty and Miserable" (Black Flag)
Final Conflict "Strange Notes" (Germs)
Final Conflict "No God" (Germs)
Rise Against "Fix Me" (Black Flag)
Deus Et Macina "Let's Pretend" (Germs)
Die Toten Hosen "Diary of a Lover" (Johnny Thunders)
ABC Diabolo "Lion's Share" (Germs)
ABC Diabolo "American Leather" (Germs)
Alkaline Trio "Wash Away" (TSOL)
Emils "The Other Newest One" (Germs)
Napalm Death "Nazi Punks F*ck Off" (Dead Kennedys)
Social Distortion "Death or Glory" (Clash)
Mung "Richie Dagger's Crime" (Germs)

Die Hunns

Die Hunns "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" (Van Halen)
The Freeze "Lexicon Devil" (Germs)
Kid Dynamite "Deny Everything" (Circle Jerks)
Cerebros Exprimidos "Dragon Lady" (Germs)
The Front "I Hate Everything" (The Queers)
F.O.D. "Media Blitz" (Germs)
Stitches "Better Off Dead" (La Peste)
Rattail Grenadier "Not All Right" (Germs)
Youth Gone Mad "Ode to Darby"
JJ Pearson/Toxic Reasons "Not All Right" (Germs)

FOE'S PLAYLIST (click to listen or download)
Fear "New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones"
GBH "Christianized Cannibals"

The Spits tattoos - in case you were thinking of getting one!

The Spits "I'm Scum"
Action Swingers "Searching for Kicks"
Mental Decay "No Variety"
Antiseen "Today Your Love" (Ramones)
Corrosion of Conformity "Your Tomorrow"
Gwar "Sick of You"
Face to Face "Heaven" (Pyschedelic Furs)
Coathangers "Johnny"


Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Pitch a Tent"
Amoebas "No Emotion"
Redd Kross "Kill Someone You Hate"
Black Breath "Forced Possession"
Hardcore Superstar "Hey  Now"
Huntingtons "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Leave"
Rattus "Paiva Kerrallaan"
Stranglers "Straighten Out"
UK Subs "This Chaos"
Lemonheads "Glad I Don't Know"
Cannibal Corpse "As Deep As The Knife Will Go"

Cannibal Corpse

Napalm Death

Napalm Death "The Wolf I Feed"
Jay Reatard "Hiding Hole"
The Chords "This is What They Want"
Mental Decay "Garden State Chemical Waste"
Ex Humans "Emergency"
Rocket From the Crypt "Killy Kill"
The Yobs "Armageddon"
Proletariat "White Hands"

Thank you for sharing our love of punk rock, hardcore, metal and other assorted nasties!

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