Friday, October 26, 2012

Cockney Rejects "East End Babylon" mp3 album on Cadiz - Review

CADIZ Records
Released: October 23, 2012
I had the pleasure to finally see the Cockney Rejects live. The summer of 2012. Hell, I've only been listening to them for 3 or 4 decades... One of the most anticipated punk shows of my life (another was when I got to see Cock Sparrer just a few weeks earlier). 

This new album, "East End Babylon" is damn exciting. Everything you'd expect. Tightly played punk rock, with splendid energy, filled with anthemic sing-a-longs that are instantly inspirational. The Cockney Rejects have a way of arranging chords, sounds, vocals and the beat that brings out a unifying feeling. All is good in my world when I listen to the Cockney Rejects. This feeling that oi and really all great punk presents is captured again on this new album. If you have had the pleasure to see them live, you know the Cockney Rejects undoubtedly still have it. The new songs play right along side the classics. 

I have cash waiting in hand for someone to release this on vinyl. I need this as an LP.

Obtain this right now via the cockney rejects website, or amazon as a download, or wherever else you can find this as an import CD I suppose. 

Great photo from the Philly show

Cockney Reject trailer from the Movie "East End Babylon"

I am looking forward to experiencing the Cockney Rejects movie "East End Babylon". Wish this was in a cinema here in the Lehigh Valley PA! I guess I have to wait for a copy on DVD.

The following is a video for the track "Your Country Needs You" from the new album.

Thank you Cockney Rejects!

Frank FOE

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