Friday, October 26, 2012

Kamikabe "Aberration of Man" CD Review

“Aberration of Man”
Unique Leader Records
Released: August 2012

Kamikabe call Pittsburgh PA their home. Right off the bat, as I watch the video for the track "The Rot" from "Aberration of Man", I have to see the Pittsburgh Penguin on the wall. Huge even. Being a Philadelphia Flyers fan, I have to take a step back.

OK, maybe they aren't Penguins fans. Maybe this video wasn't recorded in their practice space. I have to assume that or I won't be able to continue... But man, if they actually like Sidney Crosby... 

Deep breath. Sidney Crosby would cry if he heard such music... Sure he would.

I do have to hand it to these Pittsburgh death metal technicians, they are skilled at their craft. Kamikabe are adept at creating punishing and hyper, death metal. Bands that I enjoy the most in this genre have the ability to play so fast that it seems like they slow down time. A slow motion reaction to an extreme speed. I enjoy Black Dahlia Murder much the same way. 

OK, Penguins kidding aside, well, not really, but... "Aberration of Man" kicks. Put it on when you need to blast off!

Frank FOE

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