Friday, October 26, 2012

Corrosion of Conformity "Eye For An Eye + Six with Mike" Review

Eye For An Eye Reissue
Candlelight Records
ReleaseD:November 6, 2012

I was there. The early 80s. I was lucky.

C.O.C. was legend. Saw them in Philly more times than I can count. Saw them in the Lehigh Valley and State College PA and probably in Pittsburgh and New Jersey but you know, they were like a local band. Dedicated to their craft. I was always in awe. I was dedicated to see them as often as possible. I will never forget seeing Mike Dean banging on a piano in State College PA in some hallway or something at the university. I had a dream about seeing them somewhere in Philadelphia with Metallica and Mastodon. COC won.

The following photos were from a gig I saw C.O.C. play at West Catty Playground Building in Cattasauqua PA. Seems like everyone in the Lehigh Valley proudly wore a COC t-shirt with that perfect logo after this gig. 

Well, if you missed the chance, here it is. "Eye For An Eye" (1984) plus the "Six Songs With Mike Singing" (1989) reissued again for your education, experience and pure unadulterated means to liberate you from any tension you may have. Listening to these tracks is an effective way to release every piece of garbage that pollutes your soul.

Thankfully, COC has a number of great packages, that include vinyl for your enjoyment. Head on over to indiemerch to get your fill.  

C.O.C. during this era was the unspoiled cross pollination of hardcore and metal in the 80s. There was no drama. The songs were so perfect, the talent so evident, the creativity so unique, that no one was going to question Mike, Woody and Reed. Luckily for the hardcore scene, they started their ascent to world domination within those rented halls, rec centers and dingy clubs.
COC @ North Star Bar Philly PA 11/8/12

Frank FOE

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