Monday, January 7, 2013

Triple Hex "E.P." on Mon Amie Records, 2013, Review


Triple Hex on "E.P" obscures perception of reality, like a drunken haze interfering with the decision making process, convincing you to remain in your numb spinning truth rather than consider moving along with time. Flashes of early Butthole Surfers, Cramps and X are triggered as Triple Hex plays on.

Gutiarist/vocalist, Dave Hex channels Nick Cave, Peter Murphy and Iggy throughout these six songs . Lyrically, Triple Hex brings the prime sleaze, from "Deranged", "I've been sniffing your panties, ya left at the laundromat"  and from "Love Song", "I don't wanna hear love songs, I just wanna f&#%, oh yeah, you and me, bring a friend and we'll make it three".

"Love Song" contains explicit lyrical content...

Dave Hex, Miss Chip and Jill provide a quality deviation from the standard on "E.P.", trashing things up while keeping control.

Frank FOE

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