Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kylesa "Ultraviolet" LP

Ultraviolet LP
Season of Mist

Released: 5/28/13

I loved Damad, guitarist Phillip Cope’s band before Kylesa. I love Kylesa. I love Laura Pleasants vocals. I love their imagery. I love how they expand and evolve. Kylesa are one of those bands I look forward to holding their vinyl and dropping the needle in the grooves.

Kylesa ‘s 6th LP, “Ultraviolet” includes the pummeling guitars and drums, alternating male/female vocals that I love. When I listen to Kylesa, the starting point for me is bands such as Rudimentary Peni, Icons of Filth, Crass and Nausea. Not sure if that is Kylesa’s intention, but I feel their exploratory-sludge-hardcore-doom-psych-punk-death-metal is rooted in a Rudimentary Peni record and juts out from there.

“Ultraviolet” takes their music further into psychedelic influences where previous albums only dabbled. I would imagine it is not just punx, sludge fans and metalheads into Kylesa anymore. Prog Rock fans must appreciate this as well.

They still have the monstrous riffs, but there is an element that brings you into a feeling of oneness with the music. You are part of it. It is not like being screamed at. It feels like the music originates from within my own skull. This is some serious headphone music. The word “epic” comes to mind when listening to "Ultraviolet".

Frank FOE

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