Sunday, June 28, 2015

All Out War "Dying Gods" Review

"Dying Gods"
Organized Crime Records
Released: June 23, 2015

With the exception of a little break in the action, New York's All Out War has been inspiring crossover metal/hardcore mosh pits since 1991.

On "Dying Gods" they reunite a lineup from 1998 that released the album "For Those Who Were Crucified". 

"Dying Gods" includes All Out War covering Amebix "Arise" and Carnivore's "God Is Dead". Just knowing to cover those two songs scores a ridiculous amount of points in my book. Doing a fantastic job at it, scores even more. Amebix and Carnivore were so far ahead of their time. Their power and creativity is an important link to today's music evolution. Thank you to All Out War for paying tribute to these giants.

Brittany (guitarist from The Straphangers) expertly contributes vocals to a few of the songs on "Dying Gods". What she adds is perfect. She is definitely not one of these guys pictured below.

Mike Score - vocals
Erik Carrillo - bass
Taras Apuzzo - guitar
Andy Pietroloungo - guitar
Jesse Sutherland - drums

All Out War has all the check points for a classic in my mind. The punishing riffs, insane vocals, brutal breakdowns, expertly crafted actual songs, inspirational grooves and a great recording provide for a wickedly cathartic release. If Ringworm and Kreator jammed, it might sound like All Out War.

Check out "Nothing Left To Bleed"

All Out War is playing the craziest day of the upcoming This Is Hardcore fest in Philly PA. Exploited, Negative Approach, Slapshot, Wisdom in Chains and All Out War... 

Frank FOE

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