Friday, June 12, 2015

PRIMITIVE MAN "Home is Where the Hatred Is"

"Home Is Where The Hatred Is"
Released: February 17, 2015

Brutally demented, Primitive Man's four song, 30+ minute LP "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" is a mood altering trip in a very negative way. I'm not kidding. 

You could be out skipping through a meadow of flowers with the love of your life, with butterflies surrounding you and the sun shining and then if this record came on the scene would change drastically. "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" would conjure up armed assassins from their hiding spots in the grass, bombs would go off, fire everywhere, bloody body parts would rain down from the sky... hell, Satan himself might even show up to direct the scene. 

This music will make you see horrific visions no matter how good things might be going for you. Your brain chemistry will change when you listen to Primitive Man. 

Desperate. Doom. Unhappy. Bleak. Powerful. Evil. Amazing.

Primitive Man is playing Allentown PA on June 23, 2015. Facebook gig info here: One of the most anticipated gigs of the year for me. I can't wait to see how these songs translate live, especially in a place like Good Weekend.

Check out the video for Primitive Man's - Bag Man (Director's Cut, NSFW)here:

Check out the video for "Loathe" here:

Download their single for "Futility" here:

Primitive Man on Facebook

some things you take to the grave
like a hatred transcending
no f*&^ing pleasure
all pain
with only myself to blame
I am not right
not free
swallows me
f*#(ked up
forever out of control
in hell

every pig hung in the streets
f*#%ing paradise
with their bellies slit
with enough guts to hang their leaders with
the struggle is all I have
master vs. slave
ride for revenge
I ride for revenge
look at what they’ve f#%@ing done to us
greetings from the f*&#ing slums
I ride for revenge
a black mask
and a dead f*#@king pig
I ride for revenge
pigs dead pigs
my own f*#%ing no knock
driving over steel gates
kicking over ivory doors
drag them out by their hair
beat them in the streets
rape the house without windows on its bars
covered in pig blood and gasoline
screaming into dead eyes
finally prove your worth
like all those before
rising out of ruin
struggle on
in a world burning to hell
this suffering is for you
your world is burning
no knock

"Bag Man"
it is all I have
a life wasting away
I’m covered with sores
a symptom of my loss
a chain over the neck
of the f#$*ing bagman
I’ll just smoke to dust
to dust
a toast to my alcoholism
a smoke to my struggle
bag man
no one around me to relate
to this
the sting of all wounds
stain my world black
my only companion
in this f&$#ing nightmare
is the darkness I conceal
the sting of all wounds
stains me with blood 
in over my head
in this life as trash
filled with
the stone that is my heart
to a life
of nothingness
my hate is real
my hate is 

Umm, Cheers?
Frank FOE

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