Sunday, July 23, 2017

Suede Razors "Razor Stomp"

Suede Razors
"Razor Stomp"
Pirates Press
Released: April 2017

San Francisco Bay Area legends in the making, take the pub versions of the Rolling Stones and AC/DC and mix in plenty of punk, mod and oi to give you a six pack of songs set to tear apart your local tavern.

I love the track "All Nighter", which has perfect keys. Made me flash back to reckless days at places like Wallys, the Funhouse and 4-G's in Bethlehem PA where the music and atmosphere lead the party to levels not normally witnessed. This is good time rock n roll. 

Check the video for "Bovver Girl" and prepare to enjoy yourself:

And check "Berlin or Bust" (love the part where the driver attempts to put a Suede Razors record in the car cd player):

Got my copy on orange w/white and grey and blue splatter (450 copies available).

Also available on black vinyl (100 copies) and Yellow/Orange w/White, grey and blue splatter (450 copies).

Enjoy yourself with a good stomp to let it all out! 

Frank FOE

Pirates Press Records
Suede Razors FB

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  1. Good stuff...been following them for a while. I think I have all the singles. I like some of the bands the guys played in before this - Harrington Saints, Hounds & Harlots.