Saturday, July 15, 2017

ZEX "No Sanctuary/No Time" 7"

"No Sanctuary / No Time" 7"
Violated Records
Released July 2017

Zex, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, fondly brings me back to a time in the 1980s when UK punk bands, with female leads vocals like Vice Squad and The Expelled seized my attention. There was a different sound to those bands. 

I already loved female fronted bands like the Avengers, X Ray Spex and X that got their start in the 1970s, but these bands had a completely different feel. Female UK82. Vice Squad and The Expelled were female fronted bands that helped make those "Punk and Disorderly" albums remain among the best punk compilations ever released. 

Zex have been around since 2014. Core members are: Guitarist and primary songwriter: Jo Capitalicide along with Vocalist: Gretchen Steel and Bassist Gab Sex. Their debut LP "Fight For Yourself" from 2015 is mandatory punk. My write up here: Zex "Fight For Yourself"

Check out the video for the A-side of this 7" and understand exactly what I am talking about.

I love Zex. One of the best punk bands in existence in 2017.

Violated Records (Philly) has released the 7" on three colors:

100 Standard Olive Green. 
250 of Splatter Easter Yellow with lots and lots of Black Splatter. 
250 of Transparent Blood Red with lots and lots of White Splatter.

FOE seal of approval affixed.

UK82 updated to ON17, ON of course being the abbreviation for Ontario.

Take care,
Frank FOE

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