Friday, August 9, 2019

UV RAYS "The Right Stuff"

"The Right Stuff"
Released: August 9, 2019

I dig Brooklyn's UV Rays. The pop songs they write display their obvious talents without being gaudy, a word here meaning "ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented". They are experts at composing multi-layered, transitional and moving songs. I love the UV Rays for a lot of the same reasons I love Bloc Party, even though they don't sound the same. "The Right Stuff" is a perfect starting point to experience all of the resources available to this four-piece band. The vocals, guitars and driving rhythm all build up and soar.  

"The Right Stuff" is another successful EP in their rapidly growing arsenal of songs. Their vocals play off each other as easily as their instrumental prowess cohesively blends. Guitarist Adrien DeFontaine takes the vocal lead on "Girlfriend", drummer Erica Warner handles the vocal lead on "Overrated' and bassist Tim Marchetta-Wood leads "The Right Stuff".

I hope this Brooklyn NY group continues to write, record and share their creations. The world is a better place with their contributions.

Download or stream at Bandcamp:


And here is a video of the Soundtown Session with the UV Rays performing "Faster Now" (love this song and video):

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