Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bad American "Bruises" 7"s soon 3/29/13

The next Bad American 7" is being released by 1124 Records

Test Press covers you won't be able to get and neither will I. 

Marky Ramone loves the record. He recently played a track from the new Bad American 7" on his Sirius Radio Punk Rock Blitzkrieg show.  Alrighty everybody, you can hear Marky Ramone's introduction to Bad American's "Mad Tenant" and the song by following this link.

Ever had a treasured piece of your existence confiscated? 

Do you know the feeling of deep, troubling loss combined with the knowledge that an authority knows how to resolve your loss... but won't help... and said authority takes things a step further to do their best to make sure your loss stays lost?

Ever had your blood burn so hot with revenge and anticipation that your arms tingled at the thought of fighting rather than taking flight? 

Bad American translates that transgression (cause) and effect into a soundtrack of action. Songs build, the trouble escalates, the uncertain tension, the songs explode in a rage of speed, power and hardcore release through freedom and exhaustion. Bad American are a complete release.  "Mad Tenant" from the "Bruises" 7" is a prime example of what Bad American accomplishes with their music. Dirty feedback layers build anticipation, stepping in the guitars hint at the wrongdoing, drums come in to pace the stress and pressure and then the full band chaos of the attack. 

Carpenter Ant and Mr. Yuk are two Lehigh Valley PA hardcore bands that existed before Bad American. Ray (vocals -  also does time in TILE) and Mark (guitar) were in those bands. Bad American takes brutal elements from both of those bands and creates a fresh interpretation, while recalling and honoring the roots of US hardcore. 

You may also want to read the write up of their "Pretty/Ugly" 12".

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