Saturday, March 23, 2013

Symbol Six "EP" Dr. Strange Records

Symbol Six
Symbol Six EP
Dr. Strange Records
Released 2013

Thank you Doc for reissuing this record that somehow escaped my collection (probably because when it was originally released I was fifteen and the 4 songs didn't seem to need to be on a 12" - a 7" seemed more appropriate to my young mind). This record includes the songs from the original Symbol Six EP that was released on Posh Boy records at the end of 1981,  plus tracks from “The Future Looks Brighter” (also on Posh Boy) compilation and two new tracks on the A-side.

The b-side of the now LP is a 1980 rehearsal of four songs, that sound just like so many cassettes I used to listen to in the early 80s. Probably recorded on a boombox or basic four track recorder. To listen to these songs is nostalgic. Also tacked on the end are three live songs from 1981. This is a nice package representing Symbol Six's early career.

There is a limited mail-order version on colored vinyl available from Dr. Strange Records.

Symbol Six were teenage kids when the majority of these songs were recorded, yet these kids kept up with Agent Orange and played alongside the classic California bands of the early 80s. The sound is pure early 80s Southern California punk, think Adolescents, Redd Kross and of course Agent Orange. It still sounds fresh and alive these many years later! 

Symbol Six plans on releasing a new album in 2013. Why not? If Black Flag can have two different touring versions of the band in 2013, why can't Symbol Six record a new album!

Frank FOE

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