Saturday, March 16, 2013

Call of the Void "Dragged Down a Dead End Path" Relapse Records


“Dragged Down a Dead End Path”
Relapse Records
Released March 19, 2013

Call of the Void’s debut LP/CD is cold and angry. The music is dense. “Endless Ritual Abuse”, “Breeding Grounds”, “Failure” and seven others move by with quick devastation in 25 minutes. Each song brings a wall of buzzing guitars, blasting tempos, pounding energy, coarse grooves and an overall feeling of disgust. Call of the Void is not content. The music is not comfortable. There are no joyful outcomes from this Colorado outfit.  

Fans of Coliseum and Pig Destroyer and in search of a bad time take note. Yes, this means I like Call of the Void's "Dragged Down a Dead End Path". 

Take care,
Frank FOE

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