Saturday, March 30, 2013

Prins Carl "New Order" LP

Prins Carl
New Order
Noise of Sweden / Black Hole
Released: March 30, 2013

“New Order” is the debut album from Swedish street punk/oi band Prins Carl, which has been released on CD in 2011 by the  band. This is the vinyl release, finally coming out on Noise of Sweden and in the US on Black Hole (250 copies on white vinyl). 

Prins Carl play straight forward, good time, hard drinking, late night / early morning rowdy punk rock. Musically, I keep hearing the Wretched Ones if they had a guy from Sweden singing. Actually, this would fit nicely in the Headache Records camp.

The thirteen songs on "New Order" are melodic, with plenty of punch and dare I say, deliver a happy (uplifting) sound. After hearing each track I was inclined to change my mind on my favorite song. That is a good sign for the strength of any album. Each song is similar in that they are in the street punk / oi vein, but hit the listener a little differently. 

Black Hole is also distributing Prins Carl's 2012 LP "No Mercy". Smart move gentlemen.

Frank FOE

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