Sunday, June 1, 2014

BOY "Darkest Visions"

"Darkest Visions"
Rebel Sound / Voltage Records
Released: April 4, 2014

First became aware of BOY on the "Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5" LP with their track "Party Time".  My review of Cashing In Vol. 5 included the statement, "As a result of this record, I now have to find more music by BOY (never heard of them before this record) and The Bad Engrish." That day finally arrived with "Darkest Visions".

Obvious attitude, style and sound nods go out to Turbonegro. Highest praise if you can earn it. There is no other band that I can honestly recall that deserves that compliment. BOY perfectly executes their music. The hooks, riffs, song subject matter, energy, vocals, leads, backups, presentation are all perfect. 

Check out the video below for "Never Break Us Down". The lyrics, melody, hooks all work perfectly. Not sure how it is possible to not like this song. If you like melody, punk (from the classics like the Damned to Turbonegro to whatever is popular today), or any styled alternative I can't see how you wouldn't love this uplifting manifesto. 

"Drop the Bomb" is certainly as grandiose as any Turbonegro song. Give it a listen below.

Tracks like "Stop Talking To Me", "It Was the Alcohol", "I Need Your Hate" and "Back For More' leave no questions as to where BOY are headed.

BOY is from Czech Republic which makes this even more amazing to me. And just so you know they aren't denying their influences, the album was produced by Tommy Akerholdt of Turbonegro (more recent lineup) and mixed by Tommy and his colleague Johan Larsson in Kick - Ass Studio.

Martino – zpěv
Kelso – kytara
Olda – kytara
Rob – Basa
Vinca - Bicí

BOY "Darkest Visions" is guaranteed to be among my favorite records of 2014. Fantastic. Uplifting, majestic, punk with full on attitude.

Frank FOE

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