Saturday, June 7, 2014


Luckily I saved some stuff. 

Found my Sick Of It All demo in an old box and it still had the letter from Pete in it. Pete and SOIA were submitting the tape for review to my zine FOE.

So many great SOIA memories...

One was when I was DJing between bands at Airport Music Hall and SOIA's record label at the time, I believe it was In Effect, gave me some merch to offer up to the kids at the show. Well, once I announced that I would have some giveaways, the audience stormed the DJ booth, pushing the entire booth back a few feet (I think I had a Youth of Today record on the turntable at the time) and I ended up just throwing all the merch out to the crowd, all at once just to get the lunatics away from me.

My favorite of the dozen or so times I saw SOIA was a New Brunswick, basement show. If my memory serves me correctly, I interviewed Lifetime for FOE zine that day. Of course the shows at Wallys in Bethlehem were legendary!

Follow this link to read the interview I did with SOIA in FOE #14 : 

Cheers and Thanks for the Memories.

Frank FOE

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