Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ex - Cult "Midnight Passenger" Goner Records

Ex - Cult
"Midnight Passenger"
Goner Records
Released: April 29, 2014

Ex - Cult have nothing to do with Ian Astbury's Cult. I don't think they are recent escapees from a religious cult. They are however from Memphis Tennessee. 

Being on Goner records and having ties to Ty Segall, those with a toe in the underground water, know this should be great raw punk, with a lo - fi, psychedelia influence. 

I saw a review that hinted that they heard a Circus Lupus influence in Ex - Cult's sound. 

Yup. I hear a lot of influences and I agree with the Circus Lupus (love this band).

I would also agree with Ty Segall, Sonic Youth, early Los Angeles punk, just about anything in any genre on Estrus records, Crime, Redd Kross or any of the early 80s hardcore bands that stretched the boundaries. Ex - Cult channels all of those influences into their own. 

I would also agree that Ex - Cult are not trying to sound like anyone. This is from the gut, originality, from people who are either from the gutter or fascinated with the gutter.. "Midnight Passenger" is a very dark punk record. One of the darkest, punkest albums I've heard lately. Full of passion and high octane energy.

"Midnight Passenger" is Ex - Cult's second album, board this caustic ride.

"Midnight Passenger" track listing:
1. "Shattered Circle"
2. "Ties You Up"
3. "Midnight Passenger"
4. "Confusion Hill"
5. "Catholic Entries"
6. "Flickering Eyes"
7. "Venice Illusion"
8. "Sid Visions"
9. "Not a Threat"
10. "Lights Out Club"

Frank FOE 

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