Saturday, July 5, 2014

White Reaper "s/t" EP Polyvinyl

White Reaper
"s/t" EP
Polyvinyl Records
Released: June 24, 2014

White Reaper is from Louisville, Kentucky, (Tony Esposito - vocals/guitar and twin brothers Nick - drums and Sam Wilkerson - bass).

White Reaper contains elements of Jay Reatard, Thee Oh Sees, Ramones and Jesus and Mary Chain that make me very happy. In other words, they channel pure pop rock and filter it through:

  • lo fi (Reatard)
  • psychedelia (Sees)
  • buzzsaw guitars (Ramones) that change basic 60s bubblegum and pop into punk
  • and add layers in a failed attempt to disguise their love of pop (Jesus and Mary Chain).

The self titled, six song EP flies by in seventeen minutes. Just enough to introduce White Reaper to the short attention spans of 2014 and leave them wanting more.

The hooks are great. The songs are instant classics.

"Cool" is a Ramones-like trip into loving some girl from afar. Complete with concise lyrics, wicked groove, rudimentary lo fi recording, perfect vocal harmonies and strategic guitar lead. 

She's so cool, she can't even sleep at night
High top shoes, I know that she's all alone

Watch the equally cool video:

"Funn" is a driving, hyper energy, hectic song that absolutely delivers more fun than should be allowed. The music is perfect for the lyrics. 

Fun in my head
Am I live or am I dead?
I can't breathe and I can't see
Is this too much fun for me?

We should settle down
Should we settle down?
No way, no how
No No No No

Fun in my head
Is this real or a dream instead?
This is where I wanna be,
'Cause it's just way too fun to leave

Lex Drexelius adds keys to "Half Bad" that furthers the nod to past decades. 

"She Wants To" is a pounding Jay Reatard meets Jack White at a punk dive bar cramming a pop punk decade into a minute 21 seconds.

"Conspirator" is punk rock. Over-driven guitars, hooks, and a chorus that should make everyone in the crowd want to grab the microphone and prove they can croon "Conspirator".

"Ohh (Yeah)" wraps things up with more keyboards that combines with a bass line that calls back to some badass early 70s inner city cop movie, that breaks into a punk fueled ruckus. Ty Segal and Thee Oh Sees fans will love.

The band comes across as keeping it simple and the results feel so good and natural.

The vinyl is also a wonderful shade of pink and comes with a digital download. 

Looking forward to more from White Reaper.

Thank you Tony, Nick, Sam and Polyvinyl.

Frank FOE

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