Sunday, July 27, 2014

Detroit Punks Episode 1: John Brannon

John Brannon is someone I admire. I wasn't sure what word to use there. John Brannon is my hero? Idol? John Brannon is the man? I finally settled in on admire. 

ad·mire  [ad-mahyuhr]  
1. to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval.

I truly admire John and all of his music. I draw tremendous inspiration from the music, attitude and experience. Respect.

Negative Approach is a band that helped transform me into who I am today. I always say I was lucky to be 16 in 1982. All roads led to hardcore for me. Sure, I liked new wave and punk before I stumbled upon hardcore, but damn I wore out those Negative Approach records in the early 80s. Something in my brain. 

The Laughing Hyenas were gods. As you can read in the Laughing Hyenas interview in FOE (link below), I never missed them in Philly. I once drove John to a record store in Philly before a gig... 

Easy Action should have been huge. 

John graciously gave UTNG the best radio ID (which he provided after an Easy Action gig).  

All of this is evidence that John, while creating some of the craziest music ever, is one of the coolest, most honest, nicest guys around. 

Check out this fantastic documentary from Detroit Punks. It is the coolest.

Interview from FOE in pdf format at this link.
Pdf is easier to read than the jpg below.

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  1. Very, very cool -- and thanks so much for sharing this!