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7 Seconds "Leave A Light On" LP

7 Seconds
"Leave a Light On"
Rise Records
Released: May 27, 2014

I am writing about the latest 7 Seconds LP, "Leave a Light On", five months after the release date, because, well, I always have my doubts about what to expect from 7 Seconds. 

I was all hands on deck when 7 Seconds started. Purchased the early 7"s via mailorder when they came out, joined the 7 Seconds fan club, got letters from Positive Force and saw them live whenever they came within 75 miles or so. I think Positive Force even took out an ad in FOE way back in the 1980s. I know BYO Records supported FOE zine tremendously. 

  • "Skins Brains Guts" 7"
  • "Committed For Life" 7"
  • "Blasts From the Past" 7"
  • "The Crew" LP
  • "Walk Together, Rock Together" 12" EP

These records ruled my world. Still love them. Those records were all released 1982-1985.



1986-2004 I stayed away from 7 Seconds and Kevin's solo material. I don't own any of that music. Not that I actually listened to it or bought it, just heard it wasn't my cup of tea. So I neither endorse, nor condemn it.

2005 saw the release of "Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!" LP. I didn't get that one when it came out either. After five reliable sources let me know that this was indeed a record I should get, I picked up the vinyl LP on SideOneDummy. I am very glad I purchased that record and glad my friends insisted I would like it.

The new 7 Seconds is on Rise Records, a label that releases a lot of music that I know nothing about. OK, I know about Acacia Strain, Issues and of Mice and Men. I do also have the Face to Face, Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls records on this label. 

Anyway, I love "Leave A Light On". So if you are one of those, like me, who is waiting for five reliable sources to tell you to check it out, check out "Leave a  Light On". Hopefully I am the fifth person to tell you this, cuz you shouldn't wait.

Great blend of melody, speed and relate-able lyrics. Easy to love. Fun to listen to. Even the pop material.

If you doubt me, check out this youtube video for the song "I Have Faith In You" from "Leave A Light On" . The video was just released October 18, 2014, so I don't feel so bad about waiting 5 months to pick this LP up and let you know I dig it.

I also suggest you obtain:
  • "Alt.Music.Hardcore" LP which collects the "Skins, Brain & Guts" 7", "Committed For Life" 7", and the "Blasts From the Past" 7"
  • "Hardcore Rules 1980-82" LP which collects three demos; "Drastic Measures", "Socially F&cked Up" and "3 Chord Politics" from 1980, 1981 and 1982.

Vinyl notes on "Leave A Light On":

  • 100 - YELLOW
  • 600 - GREEN
  • 2,500 - BLUE
7 Seconds is:

  • Kevin Seconds - lead vocals
  • Steve Youth - bass, vocals
  • Bobby Adams - guitar, vocals
  • Troy Mowat - drums, vocals

Frank FOE

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