Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cannibal Corpse "A Skeletal Domain"


Metal Blade Records
Released: September 16, 2014

Here is how this works.

Cannibal Corpse releases a record.

I buy it.

Whether I originally got it on cassette or CD or vinyl, I eventually upgraded to vinyl for all of them.

"A Skeletal Domain" is Cannibal Corpse's 13th LP. There are 14 in that picture and I know one of them is a double, so I think I'm doing OK. 

Cannibal Corpse really became one of my favorite bands with 1994's "The Bleeding", their 4th album. That record is still one of my all time favorite records. Cannibal Corpse is one of my "go to" bands. I can always go to Cannibal Corpse for that special cathartic release their music gives me. There are few bands that have logged more time in my ears than Cannibal Corpse. 

Check the video for "Kill or Become" from "A Skeletal Domain" at this link

I am not going to lie, when they get to the chorus of "Kill or Become", I get a nihilistic thrill:

Fire up the chainsaw
Hack all their heads off
Fire up the chainsaw
Hack their f&%$ing heads off

When it comes right down to it, Cannibal Corpse is just that, a consistent cathartic nihilistic release, that completely, creatively, rips. "A Skeletal Domain" is a classic, start to finish.

Cannibal Corpse visits Philadelphia PA at the TLA March 1, 2015.

See you in the pit.

Frank FOE

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