Sunday, December 21, 2014

The DiPaolos' 2014 Demo

The Di Paolos'

Di Paolo 13 - Bass, vocals, vandalism
Showtime at the Di Paolo - Drums, vocals
Di Paolo Creed - guitars, hand claps

Please give a listen to some friends of mine who got together in 2014 and recorded a demo. If you are from the Lehigh Valley PA, you know The DiPaolos' members. You have seen their previous bands. I've been in bands with them. You may have been in bands with them as well. 

They sent me their demo.

I asked them if I could share it with you.

They agreed.

Click the song title to listen/download.

The DiPaolos' hit my ears with a sound that I imagine the Original Sins might have created if they lived at 411 on the Southside of Bethlehem in the late 80s.

Stream. Download. Share. Enjoy.

Frank FOE

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