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Obituary "Inked In Blood" Relapse

"Inked In Blood"
Relapse Records
Released: October 28, 2014

I got to see Obituary live on October 11, 2013. It was an amazing show. Follow this link for my write up:

"Inked In Blood" is Obituary's 9th studio album. 

As of this moment, "Inked In Blood" is battling Eyehategod (follow this link for my review for favorite record of the year.

I got to spend record store day with Dave "Wolf" Weston. As we traveled to various record stores in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, I looked forward to playing Obituary's "Inked In Blood" for Wolf, as we share a common love for this type of metal and I hoped to turn him on to Obituary's latest... well, he already knew and thus we spent the 50 minutes that is "Inked In Blood", expounding, a word which here means "presenting and explaining the theory or idea in systematical detail", the level of greatness that is "Inked In Blood". 

The riffs, production, packaging, song structures, percussion intricacies, overall energy, sound and power all contribute to a brilliant record. I don't care (see what I did there?) that this is their 9th album, this is their strongest in my mind. Sure, drop the  needle, blast the digital sound in your car or through your computer, I will suggest that you experience this one at loud volume with headphones snugly fit on your head, with the lights out. Obituary packs so much detail in their sound and production that you really don't want to miss anything. You'll want to capture the drum recording's full effect in this manner. Seriously. There are parts in these songs that "kill", a word which here means "to get a powerful amount of positive feedback, popularized by Manowar", so says the Urban Dictionary. 

I am so fascinated with this record that I want to see them live just playing this record. Normally, everyone wants to see the band play their hits and when a new album comes out, they dread being tormented with new songs. Hell no. Luckily I saw them last year. I saw the classics. I want to see all these songs live.

I already treasure this record. I have listened to "Inked In Blood" relentlessly (estimate I have listened to the entire album over 30 times in the last month and a half). I believe I will listen to this record for the rest of my life.

If you purchase the vinyl, don't forget to use the digital download code as it includes two additional, non-vinyl tracks, "Intoxicated" and "Bloodsoaked".

Thank you Obituary.

Frank FOE

Relapse Records:

Obituary is:
John Tardy  - Vocals (1984-current)
Trevor Peres - Guitar (1984-current)
Donald Tardy - Drums (1984-current)
Terry Butler - Bass (2010-current)
Kenny Andrews - Guitar(2012-current)

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