Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baptists "Bloodmines" Southern Lord

Southern Lord
Released: October 14, 2014

I loved the Baptists debut from early in 2013. Write up at this link:

photo Ryan Walter Wagner

This second album continues the relentless punishment. Whether the Vancouver based Baptists are channeling swedish hardcore and metal at the same time (check "Wanting") or the Jesus Lizard and various Am Rep noise bands (check "Vistas") it is all a lovely pummeling frenzy of distortion, aggression and feedback. 

photo Ryan Walter Wagner

Check out their video for the title track here:

"Bloodmines" is a pleasurable aural assault that brings in many of my favorite influences into one amazing amalgamation.

Word Origin and History for amalgamation 
1610s, noun of action from archaic amalgam (v.) "to alloy with mercury" (see amalgamate ).
Figurative, non-chemical sense of "a combining into one uniform whole" is attested from 1775.


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