Sunday, February 1, 2015

UTNG REDS Jan 10 2015

First podcast of 2015.
Reds was in control of the set-list January 10, 2015. 
Please support all of these amazing bands! 
Bands names are linked to their fb pages or some other inter-world location.

According to Skinhead Rob, he has formed a new supergroup that includes three members of Nausea and a long-running collaborator. The band includes Rob, Tim Armstrong, Roy Mayorga (Nausea, StoneSour, Amebix and Lehigh Valley legends - Youthquake), John John Jesse (Nausea, Morning Glory) and Vic Venom (Nausea, Reagan Youth).

"An American Demon" write up here:
Marky Ramone Signing Reds' poster (with Scrappy)
 Marky Ramone signing FOE's book
Mark Ramone write up here:

Talk went to the FLIPPER can of Tuna Reds' won on ebay.
We fed it to Generic (photo below).
 This music continually inspires us and has undoubtedly saved us. Go out and buy some records!

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