Sunday, February 22, 2015

UTNG February 18, 2015

Reds, FOE and Generic 
Up To No Good Radio broadcast from Reds' basement on February 18, 2015
Stream, Download, Play, Enjoy the show from this link:
Rancid "Up To No Good"
One and a half million people like them on fb
Tim Timebomb "She Goes to Finos"
Download the 36 songs, you'll love it.
I missed out on the LPs. Wish I had these on vinyl.
Snatch "I.R.T."
Snatch "IRT/Stanley" 7" write up: 
YDI "Enemy For Life"

Made Violent "Dirty" (Demo)
Made Violent "EP" write up:
Zex "World of Trash"
 Zex "Fight For Yourself" LP write up:
Antagonizers ATL "The Crew"
Antagonizers ATL/D&D Crew split 7" write up:
 Gang Green
Antagonizers ATL
Duffy's Cut
Drug Shock
@ Legendary Dobbs Philadelphia
April 17, 2015
UK Subs "Chemical War"
The Dwarves "Fiction"
The Dwarves "Invented Rock and Roll" LP write up:
Narcoleptic Youth "Cocktail Sword"
Narcoleptic Youth "One Nation Under Nothing" LP write up:
Halbstarke Jungs "Never One of Us"
 Halbstarke Jungs/Warriors write up:
All Hell "Firewalker"
Write up of All Hell's "The Devil's Work" coming soon.
Get your copy at HPDG.
Bl'ast "Surf and Destroy"
 Bl'ast "Expression of Power" LP write up:
Boy "Never Break Us Down"
Boy "Darkest Visions" LP write up: 
Prins Carl "Fight them All"
Prins Carl 7" write up:
Off! "Learn to Obey"
Everything Off! does is amazing.
Eyehategod "Framed to the Wall"
Eyehategod "Eyehategod" LP write up:
Dephosphorus "The Blood Runs Red" (Discharge)
The Joykiller "Best Friend's Girl"
Write up of "Music For Break-Ups" coming soon
Get your copy at CDBaby 
Red Rockers "Peer Pressure"
Gang Green "Terrorize"
Cause for Alarm "Parasite"
Agnostic Front "Victim in Pain"
Tim Timebomb "She's Drunk all the Time"
Frank FOE

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