Monday, February 2, 2015

Prins Carl "Wake Up" 7"

"Wake Up"
Rebel Sound (US)
Released: February 1, 2015

Prins Carl are a streetpunk band from Sweden.

I wrote up their 2013 LP "New Order" here:

The four track EP "Wake Up" is available in the US through Rebel Sound. The pressing is on red vinyl 7".  There are only 250 copies, so don't sleep (see what I did there...) on your decision to purchase.

The first track, "Power in the Union" is pretty self explanatory. Check out the video here on youtube:

Love the pure Cock Sparrer simplicity and power in the riffs. 

"Fight Them All" advances as another dark, yet rousing anthem. 

"Don't Want To Be Your Friend" and "ALS" are more straight-forward hard-nosed punk. Prins Carl was gracious enough to share "Don't Want To Be Your Friend" with the internet world on their youtube channel here:

This 7" is being released in global co-operation with BANDWORM/SPIRIT OF THE STREETS (Germany), POINK (Germany) and COW (Sweden). 

Frank FOE

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