Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kriegs Legion "War Bastard" LP

Kriegs Legion
"War Bastard"
Street Rock Records
Released: January 21, 2015

Detroit has a reputation as a hard time, a tough city, full of decay, blight and corruption.

Detroit's Kriegs Legion sound channels these harsh realities, tough and sick of the state of the world. Musically, they pull influences from three camps: Motorhead, Discharge/Varukers and Confederacy of Scum/Antiseen/Limecell. Those are three camps I love. Metal, hardcore, punk and even some melodic oi sneaking in there.

Check the video for "No Monopoly on Violence" at

Kriegs Legion are as lyrically pummeling as their music, with a decisively pissed off attitude that is sick of the status quo.

The songs "Statist Control" is a classic that pays tribute to the Discharge camp. Kriegs Legion's pointed lyrics, focused and hard musical attack, with plenty of hooks and meaty guitar leads hits the sweet spot for me. Listen loud with a snarl and an extended middle finger.

"War Bastard" pressing Info: Gold/Black Marbled: 220; Grey: 220; Black: 110
Frank FOE

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